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Where to stay in Marrakech

Post in partnership with La Mamounia Hotel

We were in Marrakech, one of the most visited cities in Morocco in March 2015. It is not the capital of that country, but it is certainly one of the most important cities that welcomes tourists in Morocco.

In our bucket list, it refers to Morocco, it was the Sahara desert and not the city of Marrakech. But among the other cities considered major recipient of tourists in the country, Marrakech was the one we chose to be our base and our city of visitation.

We had a few days trip and so we had to distribute today among those who would do the tour of the desert and those who would be exclusively dedicated to Marrakech. Conclusion, we spent two full days in the city.

For those going to Marrakech for the first time, it is important to understand some details about this city. One of them is the distribution of “neighborhoods” or areas.

On the map below you can see the three main areas of Marrakech, where you will find lodging options around the city.


The first and most popular is the area of ​​the medina or old town. This is the central area of ​​Marrakech, surrounded by walls that are the ancient walls of the old town. Previously, Marrakech was just what was inside these walls. It can also be called Almedina and is considered a fortified city. It was founded in 1071 and most of the attractions of Marrakech are within it.

Over time and due to its development, the city expanded outside its walls and thus formed other regions such as Hivernage and Gueliz (also called the New Marrakech).

Many people choose to stay within the Medina because of the proximity of the attractions. In this case, not think about renting a car. The streets in the medina are in their narrow majority, and hardly find a web host that offers parking. In fact, I strongly recommend not rent a car when you’re there. The traffic in this city is for those who have nerves of steel and taxis have very reasonable prices there.

If you stay within the Medina, most likely it will be in a type of hosting called riad (or Ryad). This is the name given to typical and traditional houses of the medina (or almedina). They are homes with outside virtually closed and is constructed having at its center a kind of inner courtyard, or the doors of the rooms and other rooms of this house are always facing the inner courtyard. Usually this courtyard has a small garden or water fountain in the center. The riads do not usually have a large number of rooms.

Many of these homes turned into hotels. So if your choice is to stay within the Medina, you will notice that many lodging will have the name Riad something.

Leaving the Medina, in one of its sides, find the Hivernage area. Here is the main avenue Mohammed VI Avenue and also the hotels considered most luxurious or with a larger and more complete structure.

Inside the medina, there is for example, space for riads offer a more complete recreational facilities like swimming pools and other recreational areas. The most that will find is a jacuzzi. But in the area of ​​Hivernage, hotels and hotel complexes can enjoy a larger area to create a more complete structure. This is also the closest to the airport area.

Finally Guéliz, the modern city, does not refer to anything from the Medina brings. It often seems a different city. It has wider streets, residential buildings, some hotels, train station, shopping malls, people dressed so not as traditional as it is within the Medina and without that bunch of little shops where you just go straight to the seller stick on you and offer to the mother.

The fact is that if you stay in Gueliz or Hivernage (depending on the hotel) to get to the Medina, you have to get a taxi.

Having said all that, I will tell where we were staying when we were in Marrakech.

Do you remember when I said that within the Medina just find small travel and leisure with little structure? Well, that’s almost true. Only it is not a hotel bill where we stayed.

The hotel La Mamounia is one of the most luxurious hotels in Africa and is also considered one of the 10 most luxurious in the world. Observe the map of Marrakech, you will notice that it is on the outskirts of Medina, but still within it.

This means that you will find in La Mamounia a fabulous leisure facilities and hospitality, a short walk, for example, the famous Jemaa El Fna Square and the Koutoubia Mosque. It is also only 6km from Marrakech airport. That is, comfort and tranquility just steps from the pulsating life of Marrakech.

When I talk about La Mamounia, I say that is a majestic oasis in the desert of the hectic life of Marrakech.

The hotel has on its premises a large and beautiful garden of the same name. Incidentally, this garden was responsible for giving the hotel the name of La Mamounia.

The garden belonged to a sultan who designed it to give away his son Moulay Mamoun as a wedding gift for him and his wife when the time came. And then the prince gave the garden the name of El Mamoun Arsal, which then turned into La Mamounia.

The first existing building in that place was called the Pavilion of La Mamounia, which later became the Palace of La Mamounia. Although it was destroyed in 1922, as there were already plans to build a hotel, then immediately Henri Prost and Marchisio gave progress in the works connected to the hotel.

Currently the La Mamounia garden has almost two centuries of existence and the hotel approximately 80 years. His first reform took place in 1977, driven by King Hassan II, and the next, 2006-2009, when at the behest of King Mohammed VI, son of Hassan II, the hotel ceased operations temporarily to renew from sheets to cars that belonged to Hotel.

La Mamounia Hotel 3

Before arriving at La Mamounia, I had read something very interesting. Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt, used to stay at this hotel. And in 1943, in a conversation at the top of La Mamounia, on a terrace, Churchill declared that this was the most charming in the world.

I think they liked it so much, that you won a Churchill decorated suite on your behalf. It is part of the signatures suites of La Mamounia. They are decorated according to their theme and tend to be larger and more spacious than the others.

La Mamounia Hotel 18

Another signature suite is the Koutoubia which overlooks the tower of the same name mosque.

Said some of the history of this palace (we can definitely call it that), I will tell you now about its structure.

Currently the Hotel La Mamounia has 171 rooms (classic, superior and deluxe), 59 suites (suite, duplex, executive and prestige), 6 signature suites and 3 riads or villas. The riads or villas are larger accommodation options, usually intended for families or groups and are located closer to the garden. They are like whole houses “rented”.

The hotel also has three restaurants: a Moroccan, a French and an Italian. We had the opportunity to try a tasty dinner at Le Marocain on the same night we got to the hotel. In fact, your experience at La Mamounia begins to arrive at the hotel. Like all good Moroccan, from the outset it happens the first of hospitality rituals. A tasty and very different milk with dates we were served, as well as teas in the houses in Morocco.

Checked in, we went up to meet our room. We stayed in an elegant executive suite.

La Mamounia Hotel 25

This suite has two bathrooms, one closet, a living room, a bedroom with double bed and one of the bathrooms is attached to the room. There are two balconies: one that belongs to the room and another room with lounge chairs that overlook the hotel.

La Mamounia Hotel 5

In your room, so you arrive at the living room table is more put some details of welcome: water, champagne, typical sweets and fruits. Fruits are even reset every day tidying your room.

La Mamounia Hotel 26

The breakfast is served in front of the fabulous pool. It works as self service buffet and appeals to all tastes: American coffee, continental and also for those who want to venture gastronomically, having contact with the Moroccan coffee morning.

La Mamounia Hotel 8

It is also part of the hotel structure, in addition to the 8 hectares of garden (the hotel has more than 30 gardeners to look after it), 2 gyms (one internal and one in the garden), tennis court, spa, beauty salon and also 3 bars: Le bar du Squash, Le bar du Soleil and the Piano bar Le Churchill. The latter has a special feature. Just as in the period when Churchill attended, it is still kept the cigar smell in the room.

There is also a casino inside the hotel and you can purchase a pass to use some hotel facility for a period of time, such as the spa has its own branded products, made in partnership with major brands.

In summary the Hotel La Mamounia is impeccable. Since your service, people working there until every detail of decoration and environment. If you are looking for a special place to hold a special trip, maybe even a honeymoon or something important to celebrate, this should definitely be the hotel for you to stay.

We were very well received by all, especially for dear Siham who showed us around the hotel and gave us even a particularly intensive class on Moroccan culture. We are grateful for the opportunity to meet her and also know the Hotel La Mamounia.

We hope that also have the opportunity to meet this magnificent hotel. It is certainly our hosting suggestion in Marrakech.

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