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Venice, Italy

Unable to go to Italy and not see Venice. Something extremely unique in the world. A natural attraction.

No wonder the fact that enchanted city have inspired many artists to write wonderful works and many couples to renew their vows and feelings of love.

Belonging to the Veneto region, the city is located in northeastern Italy, and bathed by the Adriatic Sea.

In the Middle Ages it was considered a major trading post. And its first inhabitants arrived in the city to escape barbarian invasions from other parts of the continent as Verona. These, built their houses on stilts buried in the lagoon sludge thereby making arose the city of Venice, a junction about 117 islands connected by 400 bridges and about 150 channels.


Marco Polo Airport

It is located on the mainland of Venice, the lagoon 12km distant land (through the Ponte della Libertà) and 10km sea. Arriving at the airport you can translocate to the Venice lagoon in the following ways:

– by train (Trenitalia):

embark on the Venezia Mestre station is in Piazzale Roma in 10 minutes walk from the airport through the Degli Scalzi Bridge and down the Venezia Santa Lucia station. This service is also useful for those already in Italy, but in another city. See the website Trenitalia here ;

– by bus (public transport):

tickets can be purchased at the counter of the bus line (ATVO in the arrivals hall from 8 am to 24 hours or on board the bus . See departure time of buses here .

– through motoscafo:

motor boats transporting passengers to the islands of Venice.

. Alilaguna:

tickets can be purchased at the company’s counter in the arrivals hall. It is a privately owned public transport service connecting the arc Polo Airport to other areas of Venice. The stopping points of the blue line (Airport – San Marco) are: San Marco Airport – Murano Museo – Fondamenta Nuove – Lido SM Elisabetta – San Zaccaria – San Marco. The journey from the airport to Piazza di San Marco takes about 1: 15h.


See schedules, routes and prices here . see also tours held here .



urban transport service that makes interconnection via sea between Venice, Murano and Lido. It also conducts land routes in Venice Mestre. This company provides valid tickets to only one trip or validity of 24h or 72h. Valid hourly tickets have an unlimited number of trips and can be used in all means of transport of shipping lines and land that make urban route in the city of Venice, except Alilaguna, Elodia and Fusina-Zattere.
See types of shipping tickets here .

. Water Taxi Service:

capacity of about 10 passengers with luggage each. It also offers service transfers and excursions. See official website .


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