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Train in Italy

There is a lot of trouble in getting around Italy, especially among tourist cities that are definitely not few.

The train was one of the means most used it to walk from one city to another. There is a well organized system, either within the stations or browsing the Internet.

The stations you can get tickets at the box office itself with sellers or else turn to each electronic terminal where you can choose and buy your ticket alone. Pay attention to the machine you are using has enough change for the note you are entering, otherwise the machine will return your note and then can not perform the operation.


to warn machine that does not change. The word “change” in Italian is “rest”.

Tickets can also be purchased online on the website .

Even if you do not make the purchase, you can search the site values, routes and schedules.


Ida in Italian “andata” and back “ritorno”. “The dove vuoi partire” wherever and from “Da dove vuoi arrivare” you’re getting at.


Be careful with some things. For example, after buying the ticket, you must go to the corresponding platform your train. Pay close attention to this. Stations usually have panels telling the time and trains platform.


Italian platform “binary”.

Usually, on every platform there is a kind of “box” yellow which is nothing more than a validation terminal of the purchased ticket. Simply insert one end of the ticket machine in those few minutes before catching his train. Do not do it long before because some tickets lasts only a few hours. This is important because possibly during your trip will a person to check your ticket and if it was convalidated.

Sometimes people stop buying the ticket because it can happen tester fails the train during your trip. But you never know when it will happen and if it passes and you do not have to pass or do not have convalidated, you run the risk of getting a ticket.

Some passages have the “Amica Rate” option. It’s kind of fare that gives about 20% on average train fares and long term, since bought up to midnight the day before departure day. Valid for a minimum of € 10 and tickets for limited number of seats.

You can also make travel from Italy to other countries such as France, Switzerland and Germany.

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