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Shopping in New York

If you are in New York in January, so prepare your credit cards because this is one of settlement periods in the city’s shopping in the big apple.

Many of the settlements start right after Christmas.

It is the settlement of the winter season. They say you can find pieces of up to $ 5. With the low dollar then it gets somewhat tempting.

Enjoy the famous SALE Americans. But be pasciência also because the thing can be a bit tumultuous. In addition to the Americans with whom you have to share space, they will also have tourists who are traveling on vacation there, as you for example.

Here are a few suggestions of some friends

– Century 21 Department Store
Clothes, shoes and designer accessories with up to 65% off.

– Saks Fifth Avenue
Shop for clothes and accessory designers departments.

– Kaori’s Closet
Japanese designer lingerie with up to 70% off.

– Sean Store
Male social fashion with 25% discount.

– G-Lish
Women’s fashion with 60% discount.

– Macy’s
Clothing, accessories, cosmetics and other up to 60% off.

– Target
Discounts on electronics, books and accessories.

– Toys Rus
Toys with up to 70% off.

– Bloomingdale’s
Men’s, women’s and children’s fashion.

– Lord and Taylor
Menswear, womenswear, enfantil, accessories and cosmetics.

– Columbus Circle
Large shopping mall located in Manhattan.

– Jersey Gardens
One of the largest malls in New Jersey with over 200 stores. Some with up to 74% off. It is located in Elizabeth, New Jersey, but worth visiting. It is strongly recommended.

There are many other shops, not only in New York but across the country.

In New York, most of the department stores are located in Manhattan.

Stroll down Orchard Street and Grand Street on the Lower East Side. There you will find famous brands at deep discounts.


If you are there near the famous Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving), celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the whole country, take advantage of Black Friday.

It’s called settlement made after the day of Thanksgiving.

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