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Note that every day begins and ends in the Tolbiac station. This is the station next to the hotel where I was staying.

Stayed at Hotel Arian where daily is currently in the range of € 59 without breakfast.

Located 3km from the Luxembourg Gardens, but still within the zone 1 subway. It has a supermarket right next to him and a Boulangerie (bakery) where we bought supplies for breakfast and late night snacks.

The airport was I used the Paris Beauvais since traveled by Ryanair. See more information at our post about Airport Paris Beauvais and about Vôos Low Cost .

Another detail that will realize is that I really like to walk around the city. I do not like the idea of ​​seeing the city from inside a tank.

Paris has many metro stations, so if do not want to walk far, can shorten the route taking some subways or buses more.

I know, I have many Mc Donald’s as well. I’m not making propaganda, but this is really the cheapest place to eat if you do not want to spend a lot on meals. This does not prevent some of saborar city delicacies.

My breakfasts and afternoon were crepes, baguettes and cheese bought in markets that will surely not miss on your way.

Day 1 (Jardin du Louxembourg, Pantheon, Medaille Miraculeuse)

map of Paris 1
06: 45h
Departure from Ciampino (Rome Airport).

08: 50h
Arrival in Paris – Beauvais.

09: 20h
Take the bus to Paris (see the passage values ​​at the airport site) Once you arrive at Beauvais and grabs your bags before you leave, there is a counter where you compraos tickets for that bus that takes you to Paris. This service matches the boarding times and landing of Ryanair.

10: 50h
Arrival in Paris – Porte Maillot (is the bus station where the bus arrives). Take the subway, get off at Tolbiac. Check in at the hotel if possible and seek Mc for lunch.

Go to the Jardin du Louxembourg after visiting the Pantheon out and go to the Chapel of the medal. It was at this chapel where vigem Mary appeared to Saint Catarian LABORE in nun time, and from there was created the Miraculous Medal and the virgin named after Our Lady of Grace. It is a place visited by devotees of Mary. Then take the subway and get off at Sèvres- Babylone Tolbiac station.

– From the hotel to the Jardin du Louxembourg (3.16 Km)
– Do Jardin du Louxembourg to Pantheon (0.60 Km)
– From the Pantheon to the Chapel of the medal (2.02 Km)

Total tickets: 1 airport bus tickets to Paris and 2 subway.
Total journey: 5.78 Km.

Show map of Paris – Day 1 on a larger map

Day 2 (Arc de Triomphe, C. Elysées, P. de la Concorde, Les Jardins Tulleries, Pont Alexandre III, Invalides, Trocadero and Eiffel Tower)

map of Paris 2

Take the subway in the Tolbiac station and get off at the subway station Charles de Gaulle – Etoile. Leaving the station you will see a roundabout, called the Charles de Gaulle Square, where is the famous Arc de Triomphe and the Tomb of the Unknowns.

Despite the monument just played out, there is also the possibility of visiting the inside. For more information on visiting the monument in our post about the Arc de Triomphe .

Elysées down the Champs to Place de la Concorde and Les Jardins de Tulleries.

The Champs Elysées, enjoy window shopping and a visited the Louis Vuitton store. A charm no doubt.


Next to the Pont Alexandre III, go through Les Invalides and walk to the Trocadero.

See if you can already buy tickets for the Eiffel Tower (last admission 23h). See information to visitors on our post about the Eiffel Tower .

Rest at the Trocadero until ready to climb the tower (at dusk).

Let’s make a parenthesis here. If you visit France in the spring or summer, get ready, because the evening there is between 21h and 22h. So, decide according to your disposal the best time to climb the tower.

Return to the hotel by Bir-Hakeim station.

– Arc de Triomphe to Les Tulleries (2.57 Km).
– Tulleries to Pont Alexandre III (1 Km).
– Pont Alexandre III to Les Invalides (0.86 Km).
– Les Invalides to Trocadero (2.18 Km).
– Trocadero to the Eiffel Tower (0.52 Km).
– Eiffel Tower to the Bir-Hakeim station (0.63 Km).

Total tickets: 2 subway passages.
Total journey: 7.76 Km.

Show map of Paris – Day 2 on a larger map

Day 3 (di Versailles chateau and boat trip on the Seine River).

map of Paris 3

Tolbiac take the subway or the nearest RER Port-Royal (Avenue de Choisy to Place d’Italie, following the Avenue des Gobelin, turn left on Boulevard de Port-Royal) and get off at RER Versailles – Rive Gauche. This station is 6 minutes from the chateau.

Note: Once you pass the ratchet train entrance, do not throw your ticket away. You will have to go through it again turnstile at the station of departure, when you reach your destination. This is a trick question.

In fact the amount paid for the ticket in case the train, refers to the traveled route.

So pass the ticket at the station exit proves that you have not paid for a shorter route and come a greater good …

Day of chateau. I suggest you purchase the ticket that entitles both internal visit the chateau as their gardens (Grand and Petit Trianon), it is worth.

Lunch middle afternoon coffee
Leaving the chateau is the way to the station, you find a Mc Donald’s: Galerie des Manèges (10 Avenue du Gal de Gaulle).

Afternoon Final
Return to Paris.

Take the RER Versailles – Rive Gauche and down Pont de l’Alma or RER Champ de Mars – Tour Eiffel.

Boating on the Seine River. See information of companies providing this service in our post about boat trip on the River Sena .

Despois to get back to the hotel, take the metro at Bir-Hakeim station.

– From the hotel to RER Port-Royal (2.52 Km).

Total tickets: 2 tickets and 1 RER subway.
Total journey: 2.52 Km.

Show map of Paris – Day 3 on a larger map

Day 4 (Opera Garnier, La Madeleine Church, Place Vendome, Palais Royal and Louvre Museum.)

map of Paris 4

Take the subway and get off at Opera station.

See the Opera Garnier on the outside, then follow the La Madeleine church, visiting the inside (free entry www.eglise-Lamadeleine .com ) and then Place Vendôme and Palais Royal.

The Garnier Opera can also be visited inside. For more information, visit .

And before heading to the Church, if you will, of a past by Galeries Lafayette, famous luxury shopping gallery of Paris. It is on the corner of Halevy Street and Boulevard Haussmann.


Louvre, Louvre, Louvre. Read our blog post for more information on visiting the Louvre Museum .

Return to the hotel. Take metro Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre or Louvre – Rivoli, get off at Tolbiac.

– Opera to La Madeleine (0.63 Km).
– La Madeleine to Place Vendôme (0.62 Km).
– Place Vendome to Palais Royal (0.86 Km)
– Palais Royal to Louvre (0.30 Km).

Total tickets: 2 subway passages.
Total journey: 2.41 Km.

Show map of Paris – Day 4 on a larger map

5 Day (Saint Capel, Notre Dame, Pont Saint Michel, Pont Neuf, Conciergerie, Pompidou Centre, Hotel de Ville, Place des Vosges and Place de la Bastille).

map of Paris 5

Get off at Cité station, passing through Saint Capel and go to Notre Dame.

Visit to Notre Dame Cathedral to climb the towers to enjoy the gargoyles and the church bell. For more information about the visit please read our post about the Notre Dame Cathedral .

After seeing the Pont Saint Michel, Pont Neuf and Conciergerie.


Head to the Pompidou Centre, see it out. Usually a few comic artists do shows in the square outside the building. To visit the George Pompidou Centre please visit www.centrepompidou .

See the Hotel de Ville, Place des Vosges (here you will find the house where lived Victor Hugo) and Place de la Bastille.

Generally, near the Bastille Square is a fair where you can sample a typical French crepe.

Take the subway and get off at Bastille Tolbiac.

– The Conciergerie to Pont Neus (1.19 Km).
– Pont Neuf until Pompidou (1.26 Km).
– Pompidou at Hotel de Ville (0.35 Km).
– Hotel de Ville to Place des Vosges (1.17 Km).
– Place des Vosges to Place de la Bastille (0.51 Km).

Total tickets: 2 subway passages.
Total journey: 4.48 Km.

Show map of Paris – Day 5 on a larger map

6th Day (Basilica Sacre Coeur, Moulin Rouge, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Eiffel Tower and Trocadeiro).

map of Paris 6

Get off at the metro station Château Rouge or Lamarck – Caulaincourt. Visit the Basilica Sacre Coeur (free). You can climb to the church by stairs or Funiculare.

At the foot of the basilica you will also find many places to eat crepe and to buy souvenirs. Then head to the Molin Rouge.

You will notice that the Boulevard de Clichy is a very particular avenue. Fri full of shops, not regulamentas workers and privées cineminhas.


Enjoy visiting any place you want and has not been mentioned yet, or go shopping or strolling down the Champs Elises.

Finish this wonderful journey at the foot of unforgettable EIFFEL TOWER. I suggest you buy a good wine and some snacks, get a good company and stay seated at the foot of the tower waiting for nightfall to see your lights appear like magic.

– The Basilica to Moulin (1.3 Km).

Total tickets: 2 subway passes or more.
Total route: 1.3 Km + free afternoon.

Show map of Paris – Day 6 on a larger map


One of the days when you’re not too tired, come out at night to take pictures of ilumindados monuments such as the Louvre and the Champs Elysées.

Hope you enjoyed. It is a means corridinho script, but very tasty.

And the cool thing is that walking the streets you will end up finding out different things to see and do. So, if you want, you can change the script at the time.

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