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Paris subway

If you come to Paris, use the subway for transportation.

The counters of the seasons, is freely distributed the subway map, or in the tourist offices.

Note that each line of the subway is identified by numbers, colors and the stations at either end. Pay attention to the direction of each line and at intersections (“correspondance”), where you can leave a line to get another.

The entrance of many of the metro stations of Paris can be seen in the streets by distinctive designs in art nouveau or marked by big letters “M”.

Metro Paris 7

Here’s the map of the Paris subway

The lines cover the entire city and more distant points, you can use the trains RER (Réseau Express Régional or Regional Express Network) that coincide with some subway stations. This is one way to get to Paris, for those coming from the airport.

There is only one warning siren before closing the doors.

Arriving at the airport Charles de Gaulle, get a RER train to the subway station “Chatelet” and change to line 1 (yellow), for example, want to go to the Louvre or to places like Place de la Concorde, Hôtel de Ville, Champs Elysees, among other sights.

Most stations, inside, are quite happy with colored plastic chairs as well as videos to watch and spend time.

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The Louvre station for example, is an extension of the museum, with works of art displayed in cabinets along the platform.

There are also the usual street performers, but in Paris, they do it in style, playing jazz and classical music in trains. Some of them may well be students of the National Conservatory.

How much

To walk the metro, you have to buy the Ticket +.

A ticket costs € 1.70. And a carnet of 10 tickets costs € 13.70.

See updated values ​​on the site

Ticket Paris


– Travel across the metropolitan network and the funiculare di Montmartre;
– Travel with the RER (RATP and SNCF) inside the city;
– Travel by ônibusRATP in Paris and suburbs (except for lines and special rates);
– Performing baldiações across meropolitana and RER inside Paris;
– Traveling on Noctilien network (night bus) without baldiações, according to the rate of the Noctilien network;
– Make baldiações bus / bus and bus / tram (between two different bus lines).

How to use

After validating the ticket on the bus or tram, the passenger has sde 1: 30h between the first and the last validation to make one or more baldiações.

Metro Paris 1

Metro Paris 2

Metro Paris 3

Metro Paris 4

Metro Paris 5


On the bus, the driver also sells another type of ticket, but does not allow to baldiações.

And if you visit Versailles, for example, you must buy a train ticket is because Versailles outside of Paris and therefore can not be reached by subway.


Ametropolitana open every weekday from 5: 20h to 1: 20h. On Saturday the trains run 1h later.

Now, if you want to see a bit of the daily life of Paris, you can use the bus as an option, or even rent a bike ( Velib ) and ride through the streets of Paris. The same carte orange metro is valid on the bus.

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