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Outlets in São Paulo – Premium Outlet and Catarina Outlet

In this holiday of September 7, we do not plan any trip, but with 3 days off at our disposal, we had the opportunity to meet some places that have long wanted to visit: outlets.

When we lived in Italy and France, tours ones we were making visits to outlets, which existed near the cities where we lived. They were quite different structures of the malls we have in São Paulo and with many international brands.

In Italy we were very at Barberino Mugello, The Mall, Catel Romano and France, we would like to go to McArthurGlen Roubaix. We not always met good shopping opportunities as good prices and goods that interest us, but only the ride was worth the trip.

Anyway, back to São Paulo, this kind of tour is something that we missed here. There was even a time when I was like a crazy searching on Google outlets stores certain brands, but had very few relevant results.

However, in one of these search just running into me (thankfully) with an option that seemed a lot from the outlets I have visited in Europe. This option was the Premium Outlet São Paulo, who finally got to know.

By posting on our Facebook desired visit to Outlet Premium, we received some suggestions from friends and one of them was the indication of another Outlet: the Catarina Fashion Outlet. This last we visited the next day.

Below, we’ll leave for you our impressions of each of these outlets that, despite being located in different cities of São Paulo, São Paulo also serve the public.

Premium Outlet 2
Outlet Premium Sao Paulo

The Premium Outlet is located in Itupeva, at kilometer 72 of the Bandeirantes highway. It took us about 45 minutes by car to get to him.

Access to the outlet is very easy. You follow the Bandeirantes to Shopping SerrAzul (one who crosses the highway on top, like a catwalk). You must leave the highway and get access to the entrance of this shopping center, which will be the same access to Hoppi Hari and Wet ‘n Wild. You will cross the track underneath and then will have sight of the outlet. It is easy and the road is very good.

Premium Outlet 1

Free parking is available inside with VIP mode as well. The VIP costs 10 reais the first hour and the other, 5 real. We have seen that many people also parked their cars outside, the street itself or in an external parking, not necessarily the outlet.

If you do not want to drive, there is a unique transport that takes you from Sao Paulo to the Premium Outlet. The output takes place in two days of the week: on Thursdays and Saturdays at 10 am. The meeting point is on the top floor of the Bar Brahma Av. São João, 677. The reservation must be made at least 10 days in advance. The ticket costs 50 reais per passenger and includes round trip. The return of this transport takes place at 16h on the same place where he left you in the outlet.

Other options would be road transport in general. You can, for example, reach the city of Itupeva and the road itself take a public bus of Transportation Itupeva (2.90 reais) that leaves you at the outlet. Or, as the Traffic Comet and ask the driver to get off at the Shopping SerrAzul. To return to Sao Paulo with the latter option, you already have to have your return ticket purchased. As a rule, the driver can not sell tickets on board.

Well … After all these options of how to get to the outlet, let’s get to it: the stores!

Premium Outlet 4

How to structure the Premium Outlet much reminded us Europeans outlets: stores are not turned into a closed structure, but rather out in an open structure. Obviously there are awnings that protect on rainy days and allow the movement of people between the shops, but overall, it’s like an open mall.

The car is at the center of the structure and some feeding places a little spread. Speaking of food, you will find there Applebee’s, Spoletto, Montana, Subway, Griletto, Shrimp House and others.

Premium Outlet 5

Regarding the stores are about 86 brands distributed among fashion categories women, men, children, sports, optics, gifts, footwear, accessories and household utilities. These include international brands and some Brazilian as Forever 21, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, Hugo Boss, Nike, Adidas, Asics, Lacoste, Armani, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Aramis, Arezzo, Stroke, Hering, Tng, Khelf, ellus, Osklen among others.

Premium Outlet 3

The outlet is open daily from 9am to 21pm. The only holidays that will be closed are: Christmas (25/12), New Year (1/1) and Labour Day (1/5). This outlet also exists in the cities of Brasilia (Rod. B5060, Km21, Alexânia), Salvador (Estrada do Coco, Km12,5, Camaçari) and Rio de Janeiro (Rod. Washington, Km109).

From Sao Paulo you will pay an 8 real toll on the way and the same in return.

Catherine Outlet 1
Catarina Fashion Outlet

This was another outlet we visited the day after our visit to the Premium Outlet. It was a fruit visit indication of a friend, Dani Polis. We did not know of its existence, but we run into the challenge, if only because it was very interesting to make a comparison between the two outlets.

While the Premium is accessible via Highway Bandeirantes, the Catarina has access on the other hand, the Castelo Branco highway. On the way you will pay two tolls: a 3.70 reais and another of 7.40. In turn, will pay just 3.70. It took us 35 minutes to reach the outlet.

Catherine Outlet 5

This outlet is located at Km 60 of Rod. Castelo Branco and belongs to the town of San Roque. Access by car is also very easy, missing about 15 minutes to get to it, you begin to see signs with directions. It is well to the highway margins. The output you will get, it is the ramp to the parking outlet. Impossible to miss.

In this case, we found access information with other transport, other than a private car.

Parking has 1000 vacancies and there is only him. Will not have the option to park outside the outlet. It is free and also offers a valet option.

Catherine Outlet 4

Regarding its structure, it presents differently Premium. Parking is on the outside of the outlet, not the center. The shops, in turn, are facing inwards. He reminded us one more mall than an outlet. Despite its corridors in the open, there are also some awnings that protect visitors on rainy days and allow movement between stores.

There is a food court with restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, Domino’s, Spoletto, among others.

Catherine Outlet 2

In relation to brands, 87 of them are among national and international. You will find shops like Crocs, Armani, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Daslu, Ermenegildo Zegna, Gap, Hering, Guess, among others.

Catherine Outlet 3

The Catarina outlet is open Monday to Thursday, Sundays and holidays from 9am to 21pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, from 9 am to 22h. From Sao Paulo, it is about 35 min away from the city.

Who is better: Catherine or Premium

Difficult to give a definitive answer to that question. In my view an outlet not always “is” better than the other, but rather “is” better than the other. Strange what I just wrote? Not so much….

You see … Do you remember when you said you live near an outlet in Italy? Yeah! He was not always good, with interesting brands, products were worth and good prices to buy. So let’s look at point to point.

On the issue of distance and access the two almost tie: each is in a different direction, but the outputs of the roads are clear and are near the roadside. One is 35 min and the other 45 minutes away (depending on the neighborhood in which you are in São Paulo). Perhaps the only drawback is that to exit Catarina you still need to follow the same lines of the road until the next return, which lies ahead. It gives you the most about 10 min path.

For food court, I enjoyed more Catarina. I had Applebee’s Premium, but there were more than fast food options concentrated at a single point.

As for parking, the premium was ridiculously crowded and you have to run a large part of it if you want to give to park in and put your car on the outside (which is also no good structure). If you leave the street, at the top, careful not to go out much at night. We left our car there. We were not robbed or anything, but that street was eerily dark when we left. If you do this, choose to leave at the bottom, nearest the entrance to the outlet or in makeshift parking “particular” external. The parking Catarina was better. It was not difficult to park and the passage was wider.

Already the structure, much preferred the Premium. It has a larger space, very different from shopping structure we know. The Catarina, however that has its open malls still very follows the line of a mall with shops facing inside.

Now let’s get to it: brands and prices!

About the marks are very similar. Only a few existing on a different, not forming part of the other as is the case of Forever 21, diesel, ASICS and Aramis in Premium outlet; and Daslu, Guess, Burberry, Michael Kors in the Catarina Fashion. In this case, the decision will be yours depending on the brands you want to visit or buy.

For prices, return the concept that an outlet “is” rather than “is”. On the occasion of our visit, I must say that the premium was more attractive than the Catarina.

We found for example in the Premium, poles, short and long-sleeved shirts Tommy Hilfiger for 90 reais each, fitness blouses in Asics from 30 reais, Aramis poles 69-79 reais, many blouses at Forever 21 and jeans for 49 reais, Arezzo had better prices at a premium as well and etc. The Catarina also had their deals: Guess pants by 139 and 179 reais shirts Calvin Klein for 59 and 79 (by the way, thought the CK of Catherine was bigger and had more options than the Premium).

Anyway, all in all, in the time of our visit, the Outlet Premium Sao Paulo won us more than Catarina. But as it’s no sacrificing ride (rs), it is entirely possible to do as we did: on one day of the weekend you can visit one of them and the next day the other. Just arrive early to outlets. We went after lunch at a premium and it was pretty hard to park.

We recommend a visit to two. We love to met them.

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