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Notre Dame Cathedral

Decisamente is one of the oldest cathedrals in France, also considered a masterpiece of Gothic art.

It tells the story, the first stone that represented the beginning of the construction of the cathedral was placed in 1163 in the presence of Pope Alexander III, on the orders of Bishop Maurice de Sully.

The cathedral was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Hence the name “Notre Dame” (Our Lady).

The location was not chosen at random. That space had already been the scene of religious cults of the Celts, Romans and was also where he built up the first Christian church in Paris.

The idea of ​​the cathedral, closely linked to the Gothic style is the contact and spiritual ascent, as well as the society at that time grew in economic, political and cultural field and sought a new dignity within France.

Notre Dame has witnessed important historical events:

– St. Louis barefoot, carrying the crown of thorns (1239)
– Execution of the Templars on charges of being heretics (1314)
– Coronation of Henry VI of England (1431)
– Coronation of Napoleon (1804)
– Beatification of Joan of Arc (1909)
– Celebration of Liberation (1944)
– Ceremony in General de Gaulle’s memory (1970).

However, having survived many changes in history, its architecture turned out to be a bit-influenced, so much that even though in its Gothic majority, also shows signs of Romanesque Norman influence and even some baroque touches.

The plant is marked by the formation in Roman cross oriented to the west.


The western facade of the cathedral was begun in 1200 on the orders of Bishop Eudes de Sully, the north tower was completed in 1240 and the south in 1250.

Notre Dame 2

His art consists of interaction between vertical and horizontal lines: the columns refer to the sky, and the church built for God, but horizontal bands refer to earth and is also a work that for men.

Its dimensions are 41m wide, 43m in height to the base of the towers and 63m to the top of them.

Notre Dame 3

The bottom is made up of three portals: Portal of St. Anne, the Virgin Portal and Portal Trial (central). These portals were built at different times.

At the intermediate level is rosacea 13m in diameter, which internally is the main body of the cathedral. And on the top, two towers of 63m high.

Notre Dame 4


6, Parvis Notre-Dame
Place Jean-Paul II
75004 Paris


By subway

Line 4: Cité or Saint-Michel station.
Lines 1, 11: Hôtel de Ville station.
Line 10: Maubert-Mutualité or Cluny station – La Sorbonne.
Lines 7, 11 and 14: Châtelet station.


B line: Saint-Michel station – Notre-Dame
C line: Saint-Michel station – Notre-Dame

Vélib ‘

In Ile de la Cite:
4001 season: 10 rue d’Arcole
Station 4002: place Louis Lépine
Station 4003: 1 quai au Fleurs

Rive Gauche:
Station 5009: 6 rue du Fouarre
Station 5008: 9 rue Dante

Rive Droite:
4017 season: 10 place de l’Hôtel de Ville
Station 4016: 3 rue Lobau


Lines No. 21, 38, 47, 85, 96 Stop Cite – Palais de Justice
Lines paragraph 47, Balabus Stop Cité – Parvis de Notre-Dame
Lines No. 24, 47 Stop Notre-Dame – Quai de Montebello
Lines No. 24, 47 Stop Petit Pont
Lines No. 24, 27, Balabus Stop Pont Saint-Michel – Quai des Orfèvres
Lines No. 24, 27, 96, Balabus Stop Saint-Michel
Lines No. 21, 27, 38, 85, 96 Stop Saint-Michel – Saint-Germain


The access to the cathedral is free and open every day of the year during opening hours.

Audio tabs: € 5
Available at the reception in French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese. Duration 35 min.

– Normal Rate 3 €
– Less than 26 years € 2
– From 6 to 12years € 1

– Adult: 6 €
– From 18 to 25 years: 5 €
– Less than 18 years, under 26 and belonging to the European community, and non-European residents of France charged. Check updated values ​​here

Access to the towers is done from the outside (lateral) of the cathedral.

For current information on values ​​please visit


Cathedral: open every day of the year from 8 am to 18: 45h. On Saturdays and Sundays until 19: 15h.

Treasures: open every day.
– Mon to Fri: from 9: 30h to 18h.
– Saturday: 9: 30h to 18: 30h.
– Sundays: from 13: 30h to 18: 30h.

– Mon to Fri: from 9: 30h to 18h.
– Sat & Sun: from 9h to 18h.

These schedules may vary according to the exceptional celebraçãos.

– 01 / Apr to 30 / set: 10h to 18: 30h.
– 01 / out on 31 / Mar: 10h to 17: 30h.
– Sat & Sun: from 10h to 23h.

The towers will be closed on days 01 / Jan, 01 / mai, 01 / Nov, 11 / Nov and 25 / Dec. The last entry is 45 minutes before closing time.


There are also guided tours in languages ​​other than French as German, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Chinese.

For schedules, visit the website


In Parvis square in front of the western facade of the cathedral, lies on the pavement a bronze plaque representing the zero point from which all distances from the French national roads are calculated.


If visiting the cathedral in summer, be sure to bring a shawl or jacket as it is not allowed to enter with degotadas blouses and skirts or short shorts.

Tel .: +33 (0) 1 42 34 56 10. SAT. the gift. from 9h to 18h.

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