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New York

I confess that the city of New York never figured on top of my bucket list, but like Paris, Rome and Buenos Aires, was a destination that should be visited.

That was the “motivation” initial. But after setting foot in that city, I realized how much I had underestimated NYC and ended up wowing me with the weather and the frenetic daily life of the Big Apple. Thus, new and different motivations emerged to encourage me to visit her again.

New York 1
Where is

The city of New York (which is definitely not the US capital, rs), is the state of the same name, located in the eastern portion of the United States, whose capital is the city of Albany. However, it is the beloved New York that bears the title of the largest city of this state.

She, in turn, is divided into 5 parts, commonly called boroughs: Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

It is in this last borough that the visitor spends most of his days, he also being divided into regions such as Midtown, Lower Manhattan and others. To learn more about these divisions and to find them, I suggest you read our post Neighborhoods Manhattan .

New York 2

I believe that you will not find it difficult to get to New York. What they are abound flight deals and other promotions from airlines like TAM, Delta, American Airlines and United there. Including read somewhere that, in general, some US cities, including NYC, will be TAM’s promotional focus in this year 2014.

In air transport if there are three airports serving the city as
John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and La Guardia (LGA), located in Queens and Newark Airport (EWR), located in New Jersey.

If you are already in the country and plans to try other transport than air, you can opt for the bus or train.

If train, Amtrak is the company you will use and Penn Station is the station where leaving or arriving virtually all trains this company.

If you choose bus, the amount of available companies will be higher. You will find the low cost MegaBus, traditional Greyhound and Peter Pan Trailways and many others. Usually the terminal used for arrivals and departures from Manhattan’s Port Authority Bus Terminal, which also integrates with the subway lines.

New York 3
When to go to New York

They say the city is beautiful in all seasons. Just choose which to visit.

In the summer despite high temperatures, the city comes a fantastic lineup of festivals and events. In winter, with extreme and opposite temperatures, ensures the visitor a beautiful white view of Central Park and fabulous Christmas decorations.

But if like us, you prefer milder temperatures, try the spring or fall. Beyond the city not be so crowded, particularly, I think New York combines and those with leaves that turn orange trees and parks and create a beautiful carpet in some parts of the city.

New York 4
Getting around

Definitely the subway will be the means of transportation you will use most. Somewhat confusing at first, but soon you begin to understand it. Just keep in mind that in the same platform can pass different lines of trains and despite belonging to the same station, some entries may take you to the platforms with opposite destinations trains. Read the plates before going down the street stairs toward the basement.

Conveniently there is also a pass that guarantees you to use for 7 or 30 days of such transport. Help and save a lot on your trip. It’s called the Metro Card. Just access the site New York subway to have access to all information.

But besides the subway, you can also use the famous Yellow taxes and even collective bus.

And if you still want a different option, consider renting a bike and see the island. You can do this on your own or with the help of a guide. We did this on one of our days there and we all here in the post Cycling in New York.

Hotel in New York

New York 5
Where to Stay

Definitely the best area to stay is Midtown. Near Times Square, Broadway and other attractions. Consequently, it ends up being an expensive region for hosting. But I believe this investment is well worth it.

On our trip, in October 2013, we stayed at Yotel NY, lying in this region. We all about in our post Hotel in New York .

However, an alternative place with more affordable hotels and hostels is Chelsea. Worth a search before closing your hotel in the city.

New York 6
What to see and do

I believe that it would take over a post to talk about it. So let’s combine the following. At that moment, I will just mention some of the most attractive and important promise that after gradually will make specific posts about them, okay?

Statue of Liberty

Postcard from New York, located on Liberty Island, where you can access via the ferry that leaves from Battery Park.

Ellis Island

Another important island located at the mouth of the Hudson River. Here is the Immigration Museum, site passed by many immigrants before entering New York. The building houses original documents, photos and other materials from this period.

Empire State and Top of the Rock

Two famous buildings from where you can have a breathtaking view of Manhattan Island.

Rockefeller Center

Famous for its skating rink in winter and Christmas tree. In addition to the Top of the Rock, this complex houses about 18 commercial buildings.

Fifth Avenue

Shopping and designer shops? Here is where you will find them! As the traffic here is intense, I suggest using the subway.

Times Square

On a visit at night, you will have the opportunity to become hypnotized by the lights of the huge billboards that display advertisements for clothes, cars, watches and even information Stock Exchange.


Not even think about leaving town without attending at least one of Broadway musicals. There are about 40 theaters that are part of the circuit and many successful plays available to you.

When we were there we saw the Phantom of the Opera and count our experience here in the post Musicals Broadway .

Brooklyn Bridge

The much photographed bridge connecting the island of Manhattan to Brooklyn, one of New York boroughs. I suggest cross it on foot. It’s quiet and you can make as many stops as needed for shooting.


One of the largest Chinese communities in the world outside China. Here you will feel in a universe apart with restaurants, shops and signs in Chinese.

Little Italy

Much smaller than it once was, the old neighborhood frequented by famous gangsters survives today with some blocks of Italian restaurants.


Great wealth of the city, the New York museums house collections of incalculable value. The best known and most visited are: Moma, Guggenheim, Metropolitan Museum (MET) and the Natural History Museum.

Madison Square Garden

Complex of four arenas located in the Madison Square region. The site hosts many events from concerts and sporting events such as basketball and hockey.

Memorial September 11

The greatest tragedy symbol that happened in the city and in the country, the memorial honors the victims of the attack and is in the place where once there were the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center.

Wall Steet

Scroll down to Lower Manhattan and enjoy the hectic everyday life of the financial center of New York City. Go through the stock exchange and other major financial buildings.

Grand Central Terminal

Meet the oldest and largest station in the city. Here depart the trains towards the New York suburb. And in the basement there is a number of restaurants.

Central Park

Another important postcard of the city who also has been the scene of several movies shot in NYC. It is worth a visit on foot, by bike or else on a romantic carriage.

New York 7
Where to eat

As well as São Paulo, you will find all sorts of food in the city, which means it does not have a “kitchen” exactly typical.

Carts through the streets will sell the famous hot dogs and other Arab specialties. Pretzels and donnut’s will make you feel a little New Yorkers. Pizzas to 99 cents a piece, are sold near the Port Authority and Starbucks are all the part.

If paint a craving for Chinese food, Chinatown is right next to Little Italy where you will also find tasty pasta dishes. But I confess that the best pasta we found was in the Chelsea Market, at Giovanni Rana restaurant. Not to mention that this same market, for those who like, The Lobster Place offers freshly baked lobster.

In general, you will find restaurants of all types in virtually all parts of the city.


We recommend, in one of his days in the city, see the sunset from Brooklyn to the Manhattan lights come on. It’s an amazing picture to treasure.

To visit the attractions, think of the possibility of acquiring one pass visitation. We use one of them and we have their advantages and benefits in the post New York City Pass .

And if you want to know a little more about shopping in New York City, read our post about Shopping in New York .

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