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New York Subway

So as we talked about in previous posts, as New York tour and New York City, the subway will be the means of transportation you will use more when in New York City, more precisely, in Manhattan.

The great thing is that at first glance the subway system this seems a bit confusing. But with practice, you will be able to understand and take the letter situation. Below, I will explain a bit how this mode of transport works.

Metro New York 2
How It Works


The New York subway lines are classified by letters, numbers and colors. You can easily identify them initially in plates that are in each one of the entrances of the stations in the sidewalks, soon after to pass the turnstiles, on platforms and along the way to travel within the stations until you reach the correct platform.

These lines serve the regions of Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Manhattan. Staten Island you must use the Staten Island Railway (SIR).

In addition to pay attention to the identification of the lines, you need to pay attention also to the direction they are going.

For example, when you are outside and want to get into a subway station, before descending the stairs, make sure that line is going in the direction you want, ie, Downtown, Uptown, Brooklyn. There may be close to you, more than one entry for the same line, but they do not always follow the same direction. And it may happen that there is no internal connection between them. This is a characteristic of some plants.

Another issue is to check whether the line will catch on, down to the desired station. It can happen train passing through the station but not stop it because it is not part of your itinerary stops.

Just in case, before catching the subway, use the Trip Planner official website of the New York subway. It will provide you the itinerary options you can use. You can still get a free subway map within stations.


The frequency of trains in peak hours (Mon to Fri from 6: 30h to 9: 30h and 15: 30h to 20h) is 2-5 min. From 5 to 10 min from 20h to midnight. And 15 to 20 min from midnight to 6: 30h. Also remember that while the New York subway runs 24 hours, are not all entrances to stations that are open all the time.

Another detail is that off-peak hours, the trains have fewer cars. There are in this case, black and yellow signs that indicate how high the platform should wait for the subway.


After passing the turnstile, you must follow the signs toward the platform that will suit you. Note that on the same platform can spend more than one line. So pay attention to side sign of wagons will be identifying the line and the direction of the train.

And for safety reasons, when taking the subway at night, without much movement, try waiting for the train in an area called “Off-Hour Waiting Area”. There certainly are security cameras where an MTA employee will be watching you.

How much

The price of a subway ride or local bus costs $ 2.75.

But there is an interesting note, especially for tourists who will visit the city. It is the Metro Card!

This is a type of card can be valid for 7 or 30 days and can be rechargeable. It costs $ 1, plus the value of the sport that you acquire. For 7 days, the ticket will cost $ 30 + $ 1. For 30 days, 112 dollars + 1 dollars.

And you can make unlimited travel within the period chosen by you when purchasing the Metro Card. It starts counting from the first use the turnstiles.

We use the 7-day and love. It was the best choice to ride the subway.

Note: Dear friends, will not do acquire one card for more than one person use. We tested it and failed. The subway blocks the card temporarily realize that was used more than once in a short period. Therefore, each with its Metro Card, right?

For updated information values ​​and times, visit the official website of New York subway.

Metro New York 10
Art in the Subway

Stay tuned to art circulating in the New York subway!

Unlike the Paris subway attractions, but also with its charm, you will witness from band performances, solo singers, choirs Amish until very fun sculptures scattered platforms.

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