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New York City Pass

As well as other cities too visited New York created a kind of pass granting discounts to its main attractions. A great way for the visitor to save on your trip.

The NY City Pass, is a kind of bead containing on each sheet, a pass for an attractive determined. In some of these leaves are 2 attraction options for you to choose which one you want to visit. They are called “ticket option”.

The City Pass is valid for 9 days and these days begin to be counted from the use of the first sheet. Speaking of leaves, never the highlight on its own. Who should do this is the person responsible for controlling the tickets within the attractive concerned. If the remove before that, they will lose their validity.

New York City pass1
Want to know which attractions he contemplates?

In only 1 attraction tickets, are: the Empire State Building observatory (only up to the 86th floor), American Museum of Natural History, the MET – Metropolitan Museum (including The Cloisters), MOMA – Museum of Modern Art. And the choice of tickets, you can choose between the Guggenheim Museum and the Observation Deck Top of the Rock or between Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise and a visit to the Statue of Liberty (does not include access to the crown) plus Ellis Island.

Also you can discount a few dollars on some attractions and Bloomingdale`s.

Is it worth?

As I always say, it’s all a matter of putting on paper the attractions you want to visit and do the math between the sum of the values ​​and the value of the City Pass. See:

These were the attractions we visited and their actual prices:

– Cruise the Statue of Liberty: U $ 35.00
– Natural History Museum: U $ 27.00
– MOMA: U $ 25.00
– Guggenheim: U $ 22.00
– MET and The Cloisters: U $ 25.00
– Empire State (up to the 86th floor): U $ 27.00. Not to mention that in this case, if you visit during the day, will be entitled to a second visit in the evening between 22h and closing time.

TOTAL: U $ 161.00.

And the City Pass costs US $ 107.00 .Or is, if do the same visit we made, you’ll save US $ 54, and win breaks a second visit to the Empire State at night.

What is the advantage?

In addition to the $ 50 saved, avoid the queues where the attractive purchase tickets and entry itself, are distinct steps. And also do not have to arrive early to get them.

New York City pass2
Where to buy

You can purchase the New York City Pass online here or, for attractions that are part of this program.

What we find

We tested the New York City Pass in our trip and really, the above calculation, he can see that it would be worth the money saved and comfort to avoid queues, something very welcome in a city where the more you do is hit leg and all you least want it to stand still in queues.

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