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Neighborhoods in Manhattan

Of all North American cities, New York or New York, is considered the most populous city.

It belongs to a state of the same name (one of 50 US states) whose capital is not the city of New York, but the city of Albany.

And in turn, the city is divided into five boroughs: Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan. And each of these has several neighborhoods.

Map of New York City

Manhattan, the district about which we speak, is considered the most populated and the oldest of New York. Two of the three financial centers NY (Lower Manhattan and Midtown Manhattan) are here.

Manhattan Map

In general, it can be divided into three main regions: Downtown (neighborhoods below 14th Street), Midtown (between the streets 14 and 59) and Uptown (above 59th Street).

This district has neighborhoods that are famous for its nightlife, shops and restaurants.

Below are some of these neighborhoods and they belong to the area.

Downtown Manhattan Downtown

China Town

You really believe being in another country. What you see and hear does not belong to the common NY. This is considered the most popular quarter of this district.

There you will find Chinese food on all sides. Will walk through the streets to the sound of Chinese music, Chinese and many grocery stores everywhere selling those “inspired” handbags in the original marks, signs written in Mandarin and in some cases, witness the festivities of this people in the streets.


Short for South of Houston, this neighborhood well regarded artistic, houses important art galleries and designer shops.

Some of the most important galleries are The William Bennett Gallery, Terrain Gallery, Franklin Bowles Gallery and Pop International Gallery.

Here you will also find shops like Prada, Apple Store, Bloomingdale’s, H & M, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Victoria’s Secret, Miu Miu, Puma, Dolce & Gabbana, Urban Outfitters, J. Crew, and Calvin Klein.

Very well rated restaurants are Balthazar (French), Nobu (Japanese) and Dean & Deluca.

Greenwich Village

Also known as West Village or “The Village”.

This neighborhood (previously considered more residential than today) was the home of many artists that marked American society with their creative minds as Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, John Lennon, Bob Dylan and even Raul Seixas.

Here are beautiful parks as well as the Washington Park and New York University. The Friends series was also recorded here.

And many important events also took place in this neighborhood as the Stonewall Riots (violent conflict between gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and the NYPD), anti-war demonstrations, among others.

Today the Greenwich Village is home to the most famous Halloween Party of the United States and receives the Gay Parade in the city.

Financial District (financial district)

Also known as Lower Manhattan, the financial district is one of the oldest parts here.

Here are the Wall Street (most powerful place in the world), the Church of Tindade (with its century cemetery. XVII), South Street Seaport (maritime museum, shopping center and pier), Fulton Street Fish Market (fish market which many restaurants are supplied), Battery Park (where you can see the Statue of Liberty) and the New York Stock Exchange (Stock Exchange of New York).

The World Trade Center Memorial is also found here.

Little Italy and Nolita

In this region are the best coffees and Italian restaurants in New York.

Located north of Chinatown and at the beginning of September, we celebrate here the Feast of San Gennaro.

The main street with restaurants and more geared to tourists is the Mulberry Street.


This name is a sort of abbreviation and portmanteau of “Triangle Below Street” or triangle below Canal Street.

The neighborhood before industrial, underwent a revitalization project and today is famous for its nightclubs, shops, trendy restaurants and hotels such as the Greenwich Hotel. The old warehouses have given way to expensive lofts.

Robert De Niro is one of the residents of this neighborhood that is right next to the financial district of Manhattan. He is a founder of the Tribeca Film Festival.

Lower East Side

In this neighborhood you will find the history of immigration in the city of New York.

Its first inhabitants were Jews from Eastern Europe, followed later by Asians and Latinos.

After being invaded by hippies turned the region and has become more requested by young people.

Today the neighborhood can be defined by a mixture of still historic sites, alternative restaurants, rock clubs, designer shops, art galleries and boutique hotels. On Clinton Street you will find many restaurants.

Meatpacking District

This small neighborhood gets its name because, by 1900, the region was dominated by slaughterhouses and refrigerators. It was about 250.

A few years later, it became a point of drug trafficking and prostitution.

Today is a historical heritage of the city. Few abattoirs withstood the time and some of them turned boutiques like Chistian Louboutin.

Models attend the expensive nightclubs here. Fun 24 hours.

The favorite boutique hotels of celebrities visiting the city, are the Gansevoort and The Standard.

The High Line, bucolic park, seeded from the ruins of an abandoned rail line is a great option for a rest. See photos on the internet, it is very interesting the idea.

In 2004 the neighborhood was considered the most fashionable district of New York by New York Magazine.

Midtown Manhattan Midtown

Flatiron District

The neighborhood is named for harboring the Flatiron Building. One of the oldest NY skyscraper whose shape resembles a clothes iron, located at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway.

Right destination for shoppers looking for unique things and the finest cuisine. Artistic mind of consumers will splash about in designer shops, photographs, clothing stores and stationery.

Be sure to visit the Madison Square Park, a green oasis that hosts a series of concerts, readings and exhibitions of public art in the warmer months of the year.

There you will also find shops on Ann Taylor, Victoria’s Secret, Club Monaco and Origins.


Another historic district of the city and almost entirely residential, inhabited by a population of great ethnic and social diversity. It also has a large gay community, “Chelsea boys.”

It is also a renowned place for the commercialization of art, especially contemporary art.

Houses some art galleries as Gagosian Gallery, Barbara Gladstone Gallery and Galerie Lelong.

It is a destination for art lovers.


A quiet and elegant area of ​​the city, considered safer.

Known for its distinctive architecture, tree-lined streets, with houses and luxury apartments.

There is the Gramercy Park, a private park which has access to only residents of the area. Others have access to the park only once a year.

Here you will find the house where President Theodore Roosevelt was born.

Murray Hill

Predominantly residential neighborhood that includes the Park and Madison Avenue.

There is the famous JJ Pierpont Morgan Library houses manuscripts, engravings and collections of copper and silver.

This name refers to the surname of a family who lived there and worked for the shipping.

In this region you can still see many houses preserved nineteenth century.

The Garment District

The neighborhood is located in the billionaire industrial center of America’s clothes.

Here, designers draw, create and think in the next seasons collections.

The Seventh Avenue is the main part of this region which has the highest concentration of businesses and shops linked to fashion stores including fabrics and trims.

Broadway and Times Square

That here everyone has heard, right? The most popular icons of New York City.

The first is known to house the famous musicals and clean that happen in New York as the Lion King, Phantom of the Opera and more.

More than 40 theaters scattered around.

The second is the famous corner of New York with its bright billboards gigantestos forming the postcard of the city. A representation of the chaotic city of NY. The meeting of Broadway and Seventh Avenue.

More than 25 million people pass through here every year.

Companies like NBC and ABV have billboards that display news constantly.

Fifth Avenue

Another important point in New York and one of the most famous avenues in the world.

The most expensive mansions are here, the hotels like The Plaza as well. Other places of interest are the Metropolitan Museum, Rockefeller Center (famous for its Christmas tree and ice skating rink in winter), the Church of St. Patrick’s and the Empire State.

The main Apple store here in Sack’s, too. Others such as Cartier, Tiffany & Co and Gucci, will show you all the air of sophistication and elegance of this area.

Uptown Manhattan Uptown


Another famous district of New York. Formerly known as a tough Dutch and community today as a great african-American community, this neighborhood is being sought for housing.

Its main attraction is the Apollo Theater that marked the early careers of many famous artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and The Jackson Five.

The neighborhood is known as the home of blues and jazz.

Central Park

Unable to go to New York and not take a tour around the most famous city park.

It is in an area with over 840 hectares near the center of Manhattan.

There is more than 150 years and is a haven for New Yorkers. A place to take a break, walk, run, do niques pike, take a sun, be with friends.

It was recorded in many movies, series and television shows.

In winter, it offers attraction, ice skating rinks.

Outdoor concerts also take place here, such as the Philharmonic Orchestra of New York.

Upper West Side

The high culture nook located west of Central Park.

Here are the Natural History Museum in NY, Lincoln Center, Columbia University, St. John’s Cathedral and the Dakota building where John Lennon and Yoko Ono lived (in W72nd Street and Central Park West).

Some scenes Fri and The City have been recorded here, between Columbus Avenue and Central Park West.

Upper East Side

Important New York museums such as the Metropolitan and the Guggenheim are in this neighborhood, in a region called Museum Mile.

The neighborhood is also home to fine restaurants and elegant boutiques, especially on Madison Avenue.

The celebrity homes like Pulitzers and Whitneys, today turned art galleries.

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