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Milan, Italy

Milan or Milano (as they say in Italian) can not be the capital of Italy, but it is undoubtedly a very important city in life and in the Italian economy.

City of the most followed Italian teams, AC Milan and Inter, and passed by the most famous players like Kaka, Ronaldinho and Ibrahimovic.

The city of fashion and haute couture, which every year has that reputation enhanced by the large amount of disfiles designers and renowned brands that take place there.

Host city of major financial centers and foreign and Italian multinational firms that make turning the economy.

And besides all this, Milan is also the sister city of São Paulo.

Where is

The city of Milan belongs to the region of Lombardy in northern Italy.

It is 600km from Rome, 320km from Florence (Firenze) and 280km from Venice.

Milan Regions

How is the city

Zone 1: hitórico Center (Centro storico).
Zone 2: Central Station, Gorla, Turro, PRECOTTO, Greco, Crescenzago.
Zone 3: Città Studi, Lambrate, Venezia.
Zone 4: Vittoria, Forlanini.
Zone 5: Vigentino, Chiaravalle, Gratosoglio.
Zone 6: Barona, Lorenteggio.
Zone 7: Baggio, De Angeli, San Siro.
Zone 8: Fiera, Gallaratese, Oggiaro room.
Zone 9: Stazione Garibaldi, Niguarda.


The main airport is Milan Malpensa Airport ( ).

There are direct flights from Sao Paulo with TAM, but even with scales, almost all airlines have the city of Milan as a destination.

Take a look at our detailed post on the airport ( Post about Malpensa airport ).

Besides Malpensa, there Linate ( ) lying 7km from the center of Milan, is the second airport of the city, and receives most domestic flights.

Another option is Bergamo Airport or Caravaggio International Airport or Orio al Serio lying to 45Km from the center of Milan and 5km from Bergamo and welcomes companies of flights as Ryanair, Wizz Air, Blue Air, Wind Jer and other low costs ( ).

If you are within the Itlaia, the train may be a good option for you to get to the city from any other Italian city.

There are those who take longer and are cheaper and those faster and more expensive as the Freccia Rossa.

Please visit the Trenitalia and plan your itinerary ( ).

Departing from Rome for example you take 3h to 3: 30h with the Freccia Rossa and spends about € 90. With the Intercity takes you almost 7am and spends € 50.


The city of Milan has a subcontinental temperate climate.

In winter can reach -5 ° C in December and January and July can reach 35 ° C or 37 ° C.

Most rainfall occurs between the months of April and May.

Getting around

The Metro is an excellent choice to run the city. Visit and calculate your itinerary.

The ticket for a journey costs € 1, but you have tickets options like giornaliero (3 € valid for 24 hours from the date of validation) and bigiornaliero (€ 5.50 valid for 48 hours from the date of validation).

See the official website for updated values.

And to cover other areas where the subway does not pass, use buses or trams.

When I visited the city bought the bigionaliero ticket and for a duration of 48 hours, I ended up using it for 3 days. It was true both inside the subway as within the bus.

Where to Stay

I stayed in a hotel called Hostel Verona, lying about 500m from the central station and not the 200m as the site says, lol.

The place is clean and is close to a supermarket I do not remember the name, but is on the corner of Via San Gregorio to the Via San Giovanni alla Paglia. There you can buy some fresh fruit or cold for making snacks in the hotel if you do not want to go out to eat.

We offer bathroom in the room and breakfast.

Except the owner of the child who was too nationalist and had the ego as big as his appetite, until the stay was not bad.

The daily cost about 60 € and despite the hotel having own website, slow to answer me and I ended up making reservations at .

Where to eat

In Milan, you can find food from all over the world and Italian as well.

Fast Food is also present. It has a McDonald’s which is inside the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.


Mama Burger ( ) than Via Vittor Pisani is on, 14, is a great choice for a happy hour with wonderful snacks. The hamburger them is huge.

My Italian super friend, Daniela Paparo, showed me the Gatto Pardo ( book in advance) and the Spazio Fitzcarraldo in Viale Filippetti, 41, near Porta Romana.

The latter is defined as Lounge & WineBar, but there are also held exhibitions and even fashion shows.


Milan Cathedral Milan Duomo ( ) The postcard of the city, wonderful architectural work and its roof It offers a beautiful view of the square where you are.

galleriavittorioemanuele_milao Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II right next to the Duomo. To get there, just get off at the Duomo metro station. There you will find some restaurants and upscale boutiques such as Louis Vuitton and Prada. Stunning architecture.

teatroallascala_milao Teatro Alla Scala ( ) Built in 1778 and considered the first opera house in Europe.

It is very common today, see people, including youth, social costumes in the evening following the theater with entries from an opera in his hands.

castelosforzesco_milao Sforzesco Castle ( ) One of the most important monuments of Milan suffered demolitions and reconstructions along the history.

The entrance to the castle is free. You will pay only if you want to visit the house museum.

parquesempione_milao Sempione Park Cross the courtyard of Sforzesco Castle and come to him.

The park also houses the La Triennale di Milano Foundation, offers a wide and quiet green area. Ideal for a break in your itinerary.

arcodellapace_milao Arco della Pace Find If within the Sempione Park, the end of it.

It can be said that is the Arc de Triomphe Milan.

cenacolodavinci_milao Cenacolo Da Vinci ( ) Located next to the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

In the upper chamber is the famous masterpiece of Leonardo Da Vinci, the Last Supper. To see it, you have to schedule the day and time.

sansiro_milao San Siro Stadium ( ) or Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, is located outside the central area of ​​Milan but not so difficult to visit.

Get off at the subway station Lotto Fiera and go to walk or take a bus there.

viadellaspiga_milao Via della Spiga A the main streets of the city famous brands: Dolce Gabbana, Prada, Dior and the like.

Parallel to it, you also find the Via Monte Napoleone with more shops to anything reasonable prices.

navigli_milao I Navigli There are two : the Naviglio Pavese and the Naviglio Grande.

The latter has a part with restaurants and some bars and frequented by young people.


The region of Navigli is a great option for happy hour as well as the Mama Burger.

If the idea is to extend the night then stop by the Fitzcarraldo.


Everyone asks me the best (and when they say best, I mean the cheapest) way to get from Malpensa Airport to the center of Milan.

I used the bus Malpensa Shuttle Company ( ) and paid the € 12 Ticket round trip. He left me on the sidewalk of Milano Centrale station.

I traveled, tested and approved.

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