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Marrakech, Morroco

It’s been one year that this trip happened, but did not have time to write about it. Now, with a gap that appeared, I’ll tell you how it was this adventure.

In fact, the city of Marrakech itself was never a destination I wanted very, very much to know. The will in fact was to visit the Sahara Desert. So we would have to go through this city and get to know this culture which has proved very different, with the right including some stolen that tell later, in a very special post for this feat … lol.

The city of Marrakech is a very remarkable destination for its food, spices, culture, religion, architecture and the people who live there, how many still dress. This brand is the result of several people who passed by and influenced the culture as the Berbers, Moors, Spanish and French.

Was created in the eleventh century, it has undergone different dominations and early on by its rapid growth, has become a religious and commercial center also. Interesting to see some traces of this evolution in fact the city still retain the call Medina, now one of the city’s districts, but that was the core of its growth. Because it is also called the Old Town and guard the walls that once protected it, connecting it with other districts by large and imposing gates (arcs) that disrupt this wall every few meters.

I will not say Marrakech entered my list of favorite destinations, but it is definitely a place you need to know before you die, lol. Below tale details of our trip to Marrakech.

marrakech onde fica
Where is

Marrakech is a city located in the central-south region of Morocco, a country of Africa. Because of this position is also called the South Gate or its colors, such as the Red City. It is considered one of the imperial cities of Morocco.

The city is divided into five large districts, also called arrondissements, which are:. Medina, Annakhil, Gueliz, Menara and Sidi Ali Ben Yousesef Inside them there are regions of subdivisions, as smaller neighborhoods.

como chegar

Before going to Marrakech, we stayed in Mardid. So we took a flight with our dear Low Cost Ryanair for about 40 euros and flew to the Moroccan city. The flight was direct and lasted about 2 hours.

We landed in Marrakech-Menara International Airport which is in the Menara district, whose acronym is RAK. From there to the Medina, for example, it is about 20 minutes by taxi. The official airport site is this one –

At the airport site there is information that a shuttle service makes the trip airport-city-town every 20 minutes. But we do not use this option. We arrived at the destination around 23h and ended up getting a taxi to the hotel.

I saw on the internet that there is still a public bus, called bus, departing from the airport and goes through some parts of the city. Line 19 is the serving travelers. The company that takes care of this type of transport is the This line to in points as the Koutoubia Mosque / Jemaa El Fna Square, is a 30-minute frequency and runs from 7 am to 21: 30h.


We’ve been in Marrakech in early March and I must say the weather was very pleasant. A shirt sleeve in the morning and three days of rooms and at night, a thin blouse with long sleeves and a scarf / shawl, gave the job.

The spring seasons (March / May approximately) and autumn (September / November approximately) are considered the most pleasant to visit the city of Marrakech with an average variation of 15 ° C to 29 ° C. In the winter, despite the warm temperatures during the day and 20 ° C or so at night the thermometer can mark 6 ° C. The month is considered the coldest month of January. And in the summer, temperatures can reach 38 ° C.

Here you can see in detail the average annual temperature in Marrakech –

So if the question is: when visiting Marrakech? I tell you that spring and fall are the best times.

marrakech como se locomover
Getting around

Yeah! If you arrive late at night in the city, as we did, you will have a calm impression in the city. The next day, the morning will be surprised when you go out to the streets, especially around the Medina and see the chaos of cars, taxis and motorcycles. A real mess.

But do not worry, it’s nothing you can not handle. Many of the attractions within the Medina can be reached on foot. Those who are outside, you can take a taxi and quietly get to them.

Yes, many of the taxi we saw and we took were very old. But they take you safely where you need to get. It is a means of transportation that is not expensive and drivers who took struggled to talk and be friendly. No problem at all for the use of taxis there.

marrakech onde ficar
Where to Stay

The best feeling is to stay even within the Medina. There you will experience the city at its highest contact with the Moroccan culture. However, most of the accommodations that are there are smaller, such as hostels and small inns, or the riads characteristic.

The Riads are old houses or houses, usually with an internal central courtyard and have been converted into accommodation. Because they do not have lots of rooms. Usually between 5 and 10 rooms offer a more intimate setting, leaving you immersed in the culture of the hosts. The categories and comfort levels can between several hostels to Riads Luxury.

Outside the Medina you will find the network hotels like Novotel, Renaissance, Ibis, among others.

When we were in Marrakech, in partnership with our blog, we were staying at the fantastic and fabulous La Mamounia Hotel – He is one of the few 5-star hotels situated in the Medina still in the area of ​​La Koutoubia Gardens.

You can go to his walk, for example, the Jemaa el Fna square and other attractions of the Medina. It is a very good location, far enough to be quiet and close enough to access the agitation on foot. Not to mention that all the hotel space is beautiful, clean and very nice. Here tale in more detail how this hotel and it was our stay – Where to stay in Marrakech.

marrakech onde comer
Where to eat

On our trip to Morocco, we spent the first night in Marrakech and then the next morning we left for the tour of the Sahara. So we savor the Moroccan food during this 3-day tour.

When then returned to Marrakech, say that we were too happy this food and we were definitely good Italian food. But I will tell you some of the tidbits that you should try.

One of the dishes that we eat more on this trip was the famous tajine or tagine. This is actually an Arab dish too served in North Africa. It is served in a different and own container, usually of clay and with a lid with cone shape. In the center there is a piece of cooked meat (usually chicken, but you can also find the lamb as an option) and on the meat, some cooked vegetables like carrots, potatoes and more. It’s quite tasty.

Another typical dish of the region is the famous Couscous Moroccan. This dish is made of wheat semolina-based and served with vegetables cooked on it and sometimes meat, too. It’s a different Couscous ours, but also very tasty. still we tasted some very tasty soups on the two nights of the Sahara tour. Were thicker broths also served in earthenware vessels and often give you a spoon deep wood to make the soup.

You will notice some different spices very present in the foods of the region such as paprika, coriander, cumin, turmeric and pepper. Sometimes you will not be able to identify how many of them are at the plate, but in the end is always good.

However, despite this delightful experience, for you who are not familiar with these spices an hour you’re in the mood to eat other things. And it happened when we return to Marrakech.

Then we find in the Jemaa el Fna square an Italian restaurant, Italian owner, who lives in Marrakech for more than 10 years. It was a good outlet to change a little spice. If I’m not mistaken the name is Cafe Aqua Restaurant, the price of food is not abusive and upstairs has a large terrace where you can dine and see all the great movement from the famous Jemaa el Fna.

Speaking still in the square, it is at night which is mounted a kind of gastronomic fair there. You will go through a series of tents mounted and serving some quick meals prepared right there in the square. They will also be dishes, sandwiches, pastries, the famous orange juice among others. I’ll be sincere. I did not dare to try. Say the dirt on the nails of preparers me a little intimidated … lol. But I do not think that would happen big problems if I had decided to try. As had already tasted the flavors of the Sahara tour in Morocco, gave me satisfied in relation to the local cuisine.

Other than that, for fast foods duty fans, found a Mc Donalds in Guéliz area, when we were strolling through the neighborhood.

Marrakech Attractions

There are many attractions for you to meet in Marrakech. When we were there, we spent 2 full days. He did not yield to visit everything, but I’ll tell you a little of what we saw and others did not have time, but you can try to fit in your Marrakech script.

Jemaa el Fna

Jemaa el Fna

The biggest attraction of the city is without doubt this square, considered the heart of the medina. But its most striking feature is not the square itself but the things that happen in it. The such a frenetic pace is experienced in this place that throughout the day has two faces: Jemaa el Fna Jemaa el Fna day and night.

Around this square, facing its center are the scarves and souvenirs shops, many restaurants and cafes like the famous Café de France. Day will see a great movement of people passing by and also some snake charmers, people doing tattoos henna, stalls selling the famous orange juice. At night, many of these presences continue, but the highlight is the food stalls that are installed there to serve tourists and its residents. The sound of the instruments played by the Moroccans, their regional music, pack that environment and culture so different.

Some say that the translation of the name of this square can mean two things: the assembly of the dead, to be there where criminals were executed or place of the missing mosque because apparently there existed a mosque that was eventually destroyed.

Marrakech majorelle garden

Majorelle Garden

A very beautiful and peaceful place to meet. This British garden was founded by the French painter Jacques Majorelle in 1931 and then purchased by Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent in the 80s currently the Majorelle Garden Foundation is responsible for taking care of the place.

The most striking point of this attraction are the areas painted with the fabulous Blue Marojelle, color created by the painter himself.

The garden is open to visitors and is outside the Medina, about 3 km from the Jemaa el Fna or 12 min by car. To get to the Garden, we took a taxi from the Medina.

palacio bahia

Bahia Palace

also called the Palais Bahia, the palace still well maintained is a good opportunity to meet the local architecture in all its details. It’s amazing the work done in mosaic tiles and also the arches of the doors.

Koutoubia Marrakech

Koutoubia Mosque

Another postcard of the city is this mosque. One of the most important monuments of Marrakech with its imposing minaret of 69m in height, similar to the minaret of Seville, the Giralda.

You are at Av Mohamed V, southwest of the Jemaa el Fna, the very few steps of this square. Still close to it there is a park, Parc Lalla Hasna, we went through to get to the mosque.

Unfortunately you can not visit inside. Only Muslims can enter it.

El Badi Palace Marrakech

Palace el Badi

One of the ruins of another palace that you can visit in Marrakech. It is about 12 minutes walk from the Jemaa el Fna.

When the Sultan saadino Ahmed al-Mansur ascended the throne, he built this palace. The construction was completed in the year 1594. After the fall of saadinos, this place fell into disrepair and some of its items were used for the construction of a new palace.

Today, as a tourist attraction, it is an interesting visit. Its center has below the level where pedestrians walk, a garden of orange trees. There are also some very interesting underground ways of knowing, with dark rooms where you can pass. You will feel an Indiana Jones. There is poor lighting in these ways, but at times we use the mobile light to illuminate some dark rooms.

Important Information: there are toilets inside that tourists can use. There are also visited sites in the open, so be careful with the visit when the sun is strong and bring a hat or something.

tombs saadinos Marrakech

Saadian Tombs

A kind of city mausoleum where there are the tombs of about 60 members of saadina dynasty. Dynasty that this was in the realm of command Morocco between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

This mausoleum is still well maintained in relation to the Palace el Badi. There are still the ceilings and the rooms you spend you can also enjoy the beautiful work done on its construction in mosaic tiles and the frames of doors and windows. It really is a painstaking work, delicate, which you can still see in many parts.

Its construction began in 1557, went through a period of decadence and underwent a restoration in 1917.

The tomb of Ahmed al-Mansur, an important king of Morocco this dynasty also finds himself in this mausoleum.

Garden la menara Marrakech

Jardins de la Menara

Not as charming as the Majorelle Garden, this garden is also part of the tourist attractions visited in Marrakech. It is out of Medina, about 3.8km away from Jemaa el Fna. On our trip, we went to this taxi garden. It is a public place, so you do not pay admission to enter the garden.

Here also worth a tip of the hat … As the garden is an open spot if you plan to visit on days of strong sun, take a hat to protect yourself. You will have to cross this garden, with its wide fairways surrounded by olive trees, to get to the point where tourist love to photograph: the Menara pavilion and its artificial lake.

Apparently this lake is stocked with a system that removes the water from the chain of the High Atlas mountains, possible to see behind the pavilion with its green roof shaped pyramid.

Many tourists find it a ride that not much worth it. Yes, it is true that is not a point with so many things to see, but is part of the life of this city. If you set out to visit this culture and have time to have in your script, but I think that should give a last there. Just do not enter the pavilion. For this, I think I have to pay anything to see inside.

train station Marrakech

Marrakech Station

If you are traveling between cities in Morocco such as Fez, Casablanca, Tangier and Rabat, the train can be a good option for you and that will be the season in which will reach Marrakech.

Even if we have come to town and left her plane, we went to the station to meet her. We found a more modern place with power structure and other facilities for travelers. The very front of the station is something more imposing.

There is an attraction that motivate a visit, but it would be interesting to also observe their surroundings. A different rhythm of life of the Medina and with beautiful buildings such as the Theatre Royal. It lies 3 km from Jemaa el Fna.

souks Marrakech

Marrakech Market or Souks

Within the Medina, where you go, you will find many shops scarves, bags, shoes, spices, souvenirs and more. However, in the streets departing from the Jemaa el Fna, will be those where there is a little shop next to each other.

These markets and exotic shops, attractive and overflowing chaos of climate, are also called souks, a type of Arab market.

As you know, here you need to have patience to negotiate. And if you stay looking pretty for the goods, they stick in you and are very persistent to start a negotiation. Honestly not too short I then tried to be more discreet when looking at the colorful, eye-catching and interesting goods. But it is also part of a trip to Marrakech to get lost in this maze and enjoy this commercial life in Medina.

As our visit was short the city, there are other attractions that do not come to visit, such as Medersa Ben Youssef, the former Islamic school and the Marrakech Museum.


The nightspots and clubs and such, are located outside the Medina, as well as those more sophisticated restaurants.

How not come to visit these places, because what really caught our attention was the night in Jemaa el Fna, I leave here a TripAdvisor link which can help you in choosing your night attraction – Nightlife in Marrakech.


Set out to explore the Sahara on your trip to Morocco. That was the main reason for my trip to this country and highlight it. But it’s something you need to do together with a company.

On our trip we had the pleasure to meet and have a partner to Sahatours company ( on a 3-day excursion to the desert. It was a terrific experience and I recommend to everyone.

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