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London, England

The first thing to know is that the story of the British zone is truth. Attractions, shops and other close in the same time indicated, usually 18h.

I visited the National Gallery and went to 17h. Already at the entrance informed me that the gallery would close at 18h, as if to tell me: Are you sure you want to go ????

And indeed a few minutes before 18h some wards began to be closed and 18h, everyone was on the same street.

The same happened with the London Tower, at the time I bought the tickets the clerk informed me that I would not have enough time to go all the specified script. And that is what happened.

The cool thing was that they know how long it takes and warn you before you buy tickets.

The transport system is pretty cool. Integrated by buses and subways. In own transport site there is an area (Journey Planner) where you can calculate your route in terms of time and means of transport that use. It is always updated showing the passages in the works in the streets and gives alternatives for you.

Bus stops have marked the lines that stop them and what route they do. The lines are usually represented by letters and colors.

The site in question is the and here you can calculate your route.

There is a card called Oyster integrating bus and metro and is well worthwhile. Already wrote a post about it.

Take a look Charter Oyster – Oyster Card .

The dish that is the face of the city is the Fish and Chips.

Honestly I did not try because they do not like fish.

After 18h the pubs begin to fill, especially in the Covent Garden area. But do not stay up to the wee hours.

Once past the The London Dungeon, I saw a little door on his side, on the subway entrance hallway and told me it was a ballad. A very underground thing.

In London you will also find the Harrod’s, a luxury department store like Lafayette Gallery in Paris, which also closes at 18h.

A very cool thing in London is that most museums have free entrance, you pay only for audio guide if you want to use. And here among us has more mummies in the British Museum than in Egypt and more pieces of Greek temples than in Greece itself.

Be sure to also visit the Museum of Madame Tussauds, Westminster Abbey and see the tomb of Isaac Newton that appears in the movie “The Da Vinci Code” and yet, if you have a beautiful view of the city, I recommend a ride on the London Eye . One of the most expensive attractions, but certainly worth every penny. The Ferris wheel by the River Thames takes about 30 min to give a full turn. This makes it easy if you want to take pictures and do not let anyone sick.

Another thing that left me fascinated was a change of guards at the Palacio de Backingham. I thought it would be somewhat boring, but deceived me deeply.

Consult the site before visiting. It seems that in winter the exchange is not carried out every day.

Some of the questions you had about some places, were all answered by e-mail. I contacted attractions via the contact form from these websites.

Exchange houses also abound. Within the metro stations and in their own streets. The thought of the cheapest streets that the seasons.

We went from Ryanair to London and were staying near Victoria Station. The trip was wonderful despite the gray London weather and have been barred at the airport.

A tip for when you go to London: Take with you already printed the hotel confirmation which will be the output path of London, were bought a ticket online have at hand too, Internacinal credit card. All that is possible to show that the stay is temporary. If there are to another city also print the confirmation of hotel elsewhere.

Travel to London to tour does not need a visa, but they are boring as hell haha.

Finally, London has attractions for up to 15 days of travel, a city that should be known.

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