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Hotel in New York – Yotel NY

Our last destination of this little tour the United States in September and October 2013, was the hardest to find lodging. Think of all the places you’ve been through, New York was the city that had the most expensive tariffs.

It was hard to find a good result for the equation: location x price x comfort. But after many searches and contacts, we ended up finding the perfect score for this problem: The NY Yotel!


Definitely perfect! Yotel is located at 10th Ave and W42St. It lies just 3 blocks from the Port Authority Bus Station and subway. A station where the buses arrive from cities like Washington and Philadelphia, and also where leaving and arriving coaches NYC Airporter, company that performs transfers between Manhattan and the airports LaGuardia and JFK.

From the hotel, you can also get walking to Times Square, Broadway theaters and restaurants are located on 9th Ave.

That is, entertainment, transportation and restaurants! What could be better than that ???

Yotel New York_14

The hotel’s concept is very different from all the others we have stayed. We classify as a smart and stylishly modern hotel.

When the guest arrives, there are terminals on the ground where he can make your check-in and pick up your keys. And if you feel unsure, do not worry. There’s always someone very gentle ready to guide you.

If you arrive before the time to do your check-in, relax. Yotel thought of a perfect solution for you. At the other end to these terminals, it’ll be curious to see a different machine ahead of a number of compartments.

This is the Yobot. He is responsible for loading and unloading your luggage inside these compartments if you arrive before you have access to your room, or have to leave before going to the airport. It’s a clever luggage storage system.

The reception itself, located on the 4th floor, the first floor of the hotel after the ground. From there, you have to take another elevator that will take you to walk from your room. An interesting detail is that you can just hit the button for the floor, put your card (your room key) in a recognition terminal next to the button panel. It’s a safe way to control that only guests will be circulating around.

There is background music for most of the hotel and I must say are not those annoying songs elevator. It is very good like all the selected repertoire we heard during our stay there. And the violet illumination feature of the hotel, also gives a special charm and a touch of style, innovation and relaxation.

Yotel New York_1
The fourth

Yotel appoints their rooms and cabins. Because their characteristic is that they are compact but without diminishing the comfort and quality. We found that their cabins were designed by the best designers of aircraft cabins with a touch of Japanese influence that gives the room an air of tranquility.

We stayed in a Premium View Cabin Queen, perfect for a couple who is getting to know the city. The same team was with TV, air conditioning, iron, private bathroom and wonderful views.

We love the detail of liquid soaps where one was for the morning, with scents of flowers that give you energy to face a day of hiking and discovery the city. And the other, with essences that guarantee you a relaxing evening.

The bed is retractable, so do not be alarmed when entering the cabin and find that sleep with their feet out. There is a button on the side, making bed slide and stay in the right size.

Yotel New York_26

In New York City, many hotels do not include breakfast in daily. You have to pay for it and sometimes this value is not very reasonable.

Here at Yotel, they offer (for free) milk, coffee, tea and tasty muffins to guests each morning. Different, is not it?

But if you prefer something more support, for only $ 9.95, you can eat a good (and large) omelette made by a cook who is right there in the room and the meal prepared in front of you. Just choose the ingredients.

And as a third option, for you who would like a little more variety, there is a menu for a more complete breakfast. Just ask the hostess who is always at the entrance of this feeding area. She will guide you.

Yotel New York_9
Something else

Soon to turn on the TV in your stateroom on the first channel you’ll check the hotel schedule. And will realize that on weekends there is always a DJ that ensures an enjoyable evening for those who would like to have a drink with friends.

This happens on the 4th floor, in a lounge that exists within the hotel. And around this lounge there are other 8 smaller cabins where during the day can be perfectly used for business meetings and evening, for a more private meeting with friends.

We LOVED the Gallery! A small room that exists in each floor where you find every day, 24h, water, ice and a hot chocolate machine, free coffee and tea. There is also a microwave for you to buy something in the market and want to heat and eat in your own cabin. Your card (key) unlocks the door so you can enter. FANTASTIC!

Yotel also has a beautiful and large terrace! Excellent for those who want to take breakfast outdoors or relax in the evening with a drink served by another bar that is right next door.

There are also spaces for reading and resting, computers with internet and a gym.

I could not fail to mention the consumer dream of every blogger: Wi-fi (free) everywhere from the hotel. Even in the comfort of your room where, at the end of the day, to get on all those Instagram photos taken of NYC.


In the rush of preparations, I forgot that taking the camera charger does not fit in the North American outlets. And we found that you can get a universal adapter in its own reception on the 4th floor. And you know how? Only $ 10! Cheaper than we had seen at Best Buy!

Yotel also offers an application with very interesting tips about the city of New York.

What we think?

Definitely a well located and cool hotel! Perfect for couples or friends visiting the city. It offers facilities that other hotels do not offer.

Being intelligent, saves time traveler with time-consuming processes we go through in many other hotels. And be carefully designed by designers, ensures a pleasant atmosphere to be and spend more than just a night’s sleep.

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Yotel New York
570, Thenth Avenue (at W42nd St) – New York, NY 10036.
App Yotel IOS

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