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Food Truck in Sao Paulo – Butantan Food Park

The wave of Food Trucks invaded the city of São Paulo for some time. But until then, I had not had the opportunity to visit one of these trucks or trucks of Sampa region.

Frankly, as my family and I usually go to the inside, it is very common to find there, around the main square, those food carts serving hot dogs, hamburgers and other street edibles in vans, Fiorinos and Towners. I bet that even in São Paulo you’ve seen one of these close to the ballads, right?

But now things have changed a bit, won a gourmet touch! There are restaurants and renowned chefs who have won their trucks versions. Even the carts left the Fiorino aside and began to adopt trailers, vans and small trucks (the trucks) stylish. In this new model, the kitchen and food preparation takes place within these trucks.

As always beats that curiosity, we were a little research on the origin of so-called Food Trucks. In a quick search found a record saying that the origin of street foods and “trucks” date back to 1872 when an American was selling pies and sandwiches in his cart. Other records date back to the post World War II, when the US suburban workers were fed by mobile food trucks or when the crisis that brought down the American economy in 2008, sank some traditional restaurants.

In Brazil, this wave came around 2012 and the trucks came up with a more modern look, new, with paintings and logos more than interesting. Currently the trucks are keen to have a personality and show it clearly to their customers. Before, they had to feature a food preparation service with fast and low. But today, with the simultaneous surge of gourmetização we can say that there are trucks in São Paulo somewhat expensive, lol.

Last Saturday, we visit the Butantan Food Park which is a region that has trucks and food stalls. Here’s what we think of this visit.

Butantan Food Park 4

Where is and how to get?

The Butantan Food Park is in Augustine Cantu Street, 47, in the Butantã neighborhood.

By car, access to that site can be done by Marginal Pinheiros, near the bridge Eusébio Matoso. If you prefer to go on foot, get off at Butantã station and follow a few blocks to the location. Is 600m from the Food Park.

There is no indoor parking, have to park on the street right.


The Food Park is open Monday to Wednesday from 11h to 16h. From Thursday to Saturday from 11h to 22h. And on Sundays from 12h to 19h.

Butantan Food Park 3

What find and what prices?

This location is very reminiscent of the area in an open parking lot with some trucks and food stalls within. In the center are wooden tables and benches so people can sit and dine. As banks and tables are very large, you will find more than one family, or couples or group of friends sitting on them. And this is normal super.

Butantan Food Park 5

Tents and trucks have their specializations and among them are: hamburgers, pasta, Northeastern food, empanadas, sandwiches, craft beers, potatoes, ice cream, candy, churros and many other temptations.

Butantan Food Park 6

On the day of our visit proved the Belgian potatoes served in a cone with sauce and cheese of your choice for 15 reais a hamburger Classic Bruger Wings (hamburger, onions rings and coca, for 37 reais). a lot of small cubes of tapioca Truck Mocotó (Rodrigo Oliveira chef restaurant) for 15 reais, waffle with Nutella for 10 reais and one divine churros for 8 reais.

Butantan Food Park 2

Yes, it’s true that some things are more expensive, but I thought it was worth it for the quality. At least on the foods we experience. The place was not empty, but was not crowded. You can easily find a place to sit. The only drawback is that by not being covered if it rains or is windy, you will not feel very comfortable. But let’s think positively: this is one of the charms of this place.

Butantan Food Park 1

Was it worth it?

Yup! It was very worthwhile this tour. Perhaps a more expensive meal than a McDonald’s or Burger King, but it was the price of height. I was curious to try the pasta (spaghetti dishes and gnocchi for real 10/12) and empanada …. But maybe next visit.

The climate of this place is also very cozy and lively. They are usually families, friends and couples happy, talking and very high spirits. There are also two stalls that animate the crowd. People who work in them, put some interesting songs, start to sing, clap and when we least expect, a galley that is sitting eating, begins to clap and sing along. To the auxiliary cleaning enters the wave and shake everyone. It’s the best!

Here is our suggestion for a different gastronomic tour in the city of São Paulo.

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Visit the official Butantan Food Truck site for updated information as antedimento hours:

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