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Amsterdam, Netherlands

You may have read that post once and now saw that the information changed. That’s right, you’re right.

Now the information presented herein are those that I lived when I visited the city.


Amsterdam found one of the most charming capitals of Europe. With a structure of big city in terms of transportation and organization but with every small town charm.

It’s really lovely wander through narrow city streets with houses that show us a unique architecture. High, narrow and charming.

Note that the facades of the houses are slightly tilted forward and there on top of them a kind of wooden arm with a pulley at the tip.

Do not think that is a mere adornment. This has a great utility.

As the houses are narrow and high, it is difficult to place the furniture in it. The solution was to raise them out with the help of pulley. As we saw rise pianos in Woodpecker cartoons.

Another characteristic point of the city are the canals. They wander around the boat.

There are natural and artificial levees that prevent the water inlet of the sea in town. The name says it: dam (dike) the Amstel River (Amster).

It is a planned city for cycling. There are about 1 million inhabitants and 500,000 bicycles.


Of course, we can not but speak the Red Light District, where prostitution is legalized and the windows will show you the entire supply of the city, and the Coffee Shops. Here you can experience the famous marijuana without being arrested.

There the social mentality is extremely free. Each can be who you really are and feel comfortable with it.

How to get there

I arrived in Amsterdam at Schiphol Airport , the international airport of Amsterdam.

When disembarking, just follow the signs that point the way for you to catch the train. You’ll go out on a lounge with vending machines to buy train and an information desk passages.

The platforms will be on the floor to the bottom. Just down the escalators.

Before, see the panel on which platform to take the train.

I disembarked the train at the central station of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Centraal).

Where to Stay

We crossed the street to the station and waited in front of a hotel the owner of the Bed and Breakfast where we stayed.

The B & B was named Budget Rooms B & B and we made the reservations through the site .

It was a house where the owner rented rooms.

The only problem was that the bathroom was shared, outside the room. But just as my room and another were busy that week I ended up not having problems with it. The bathroom was always clean and unoccupied.

Getting around

Well, Amsterdam is a beautiful town and apparently organized.

Means of transport work very well. Both the train, the tram, the Stop and Go and of course the bikes.

The tram is the most expensive means of transport. You can check fares and schedules on the site . Here you will also find information about night transport if you want to go out to meet the ballads and then back to the hotel without taking a cab. See nightbus.

The Stop and Go is another means of transport really cool. A kind of mini-bus. Your path is narrower compared to trams. Prinsengracht circulates only in the ring, going from the central station of the city to Waterlooplein.

It is quite cheap. When I visited the city paid only € 1. There are only three fixed points, and besides these you can get on or off it wherever you want.

The train you will use to travel longer distances to go to other cities.

Where and what to eat

There is a large supply of Mc Donald’s and Burger Kings, including within the central station. But the streets you will find quite a lot of chips with mayonnaise (which they love), the waffle irons and stroopwafel which are the famous waffles from there and some calls Febo shops.

It’s really funny. In addition to the chips, there you will also find a croquettes that are typical of the city. They are inside a glass squares. You put a coin and the door unlocks. You open and grabs his kibble.

You also have options for snacks and stuff.

Another typical thing, but that did not get even close, because I do not like are the herring sandwiches. You will find bastente at Keukenhof.


If you want to go out at night, which will not miss are options for this.

I went to a club called Paradiso. It is a church that was excommunicated. Cool and fun. The sound was very good and pretty crazy place. Take a look at the schedule .

In the region of Leidsenplein you will find many restaurants, bars and clubs in addition to Paradiso.

What to do and see

It has much place to visit in Amsterdam. I will make a list of those I found most interesting.

– Boating on the canals

– Waterlooplein

– Dam Square

– Jordaan neighborhood

– Anne Frank House

– Red Light District

– Coffee Shops

– Leidseplein

– Heineken Experience

– Museum Rijksmuseum

– Vondelpark

– Van Gogh Museum

– Openbare Bibliotheek

– Mills: De Bloem (Haarlemmerweg 465 – Amsterdam), De Gooyer
  (Funenkade – Amsterdam)

– Koningsplein (flower market), Muntplein and Rokinstraat.

– Nemo: Amsterdam Science Museum

– Keukenhof (Garden of tulips)

– Madame Tussauds


Do not forget to also rent a bike and spend a day or just a few hours of the day riding around town. This is an experience you can not stop living.

The city is all planned for this. You’ll find no problems.

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